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Congratulations to the Eagle Regiment for earning the top rating of Superior from every judge at the District Marching Band Assessment!  Here are a few comments from the judges:

“Mature sounds, well-balanced, well-tuned.  Such a pleasure to wrap up today’s MPA with this performance!  This band’s got it going on, it REALLY does!  The sound, musicality, style, showmanship…I don’t know how you’re able to sound this good doing the very athletic marching maneuvers that have been charted for you!”

 Brian Sullivan, Music Judge

“One of the things I’m most impressed with is how you can hear the different colors of the ensemble…you hear all the different voices – bravo!  When you can hear the woodwinds as clear as you could hear the woodwinds tonight, that’s a compliment to the entire ensemble!”

Dr. Steve Kelly (FSU), Music Judge

“Interval, dress, and cover very consistent across the band…you can tell the performers are very aware of the performers on either side of them and in front to back.  Roll step is very consistent across the band, as is the backward march.  Good precision with starts and stops.  Good direction changes at faster tempos.  Posture and horn carriage maintained superior level throughout the entire performance.”

Monica Leimer, Marching & Maneuvering Judge

“Color guard, some exceptional work going on!  I’ll tell you what’s most impressive to me is that I never heard your challenging drill in your sound.  First and foremost, the MUSIC was always there…really nice sounds the entire time.  For visual effect, we saw really great visual creativity and expression, confidence, and the coordination of the elements was obviously very well-thought through and executed!”

Nick Eggen, General Effect Judge

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