The STONEMAN DOUGLAS Color Guard Program consist of 3 groups throughout the year.

COLOR GUARD CLASS CLASS                   (Eurythmics 1, 2, 3, 4/Dance Repertory 1, 2, 3 Honors, 4 Honors) 

Students participating in the Color Guard are required to take the class.  The group meets as a class every other day. Students will receive specialized instruction on flag, rifle, and sabre, as well as dance.  All members are part of the EAGLE REGIMENT MARCHING BAND and travel to all performances which include football games, parades, evaluations and competitions.  After marching season, students enrolled in this course will be placed in either the Scholastic A or World Guard, based on auditions.  The WORLD GUARD & A GUARD compete in the South Florida Winter Guard Association and Winter Guard International.

FALL GUARD (June - November) 

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GUARD (November - April) 

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WORLD GUARD (November - April) 

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