Check, Cash, and ZELLE
  • Make checks payable to “MEPA

  • Write the name of the student and the purpose of the payment on the envelope and in the memo line of a check (i.e. Stacy Smith, Membership dues #1)

  • Seal the check or money in an envelope and deposit it into the band safe

      •Envelopes are available at the safe; the safe is in the band room and it works like a mailbox.

      •Don’t give money to a band parent, a band director, nor put it in the band director’s door folder.

  • Log on to CHARMS to see payments and other financial activity

      •MEPA will send monthly band statements with current purchases and payments.


  • Log on to CHARMS and click the “Finances” icon.

  • Scroll to the Fee Payment History page, place a check mark in the box next to the item you wish to pay, then click “Pay Fees” and proceed through the process.

  • Very Important:  After completing your payment, click the “Return to Stoneman Douglas Marching Eagles” button to record your payment in the Charms system.


  • In the Finance section of CHARMS, if you have a credit in your Charms account

  • Scroll to the Student Miscellaneous Ledger Detail and make your payment

  • The MEPA TREASURER will transfer funds to reflect your payment.

       •Credit Card Swipe

  • MEPA can accept credit card payments for most item purchases through the use of our Square Payments account.  Examples include REGIMENT SHOP items.



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