Contest Location: Camping World Stadium, Orlando, Fl

Dates:  October 12th-14th 2019


December 27th - January 3rd 2022



Dear MEPA Families,


We had the opportunity to speak with the organizers of the LNYDP and have some additional information regarding the trip.  A reminder that the initial deposit of $200 is due on November 15.  Also,  a file on Charms has been created and the following documents have been posted for your reference:


  •   London Information Flyer

  •   London Trip Inclusions (List of activities)

  •   London Trip Insurance Disclosures

  •   Performer Commitment Form

  •   Non-Performer Commitment Form

  •   Chaperone Commitment Form


Parents and siblings who wish to participate in this trip are absolutely welcome.  There are two options:


  •   Full Program Participants will $3650 and includes everything offered to our student performers at the same price.   There will be an extra optional charge for Grandstand tickets – TBD.

  •   Land Program Participants will cost $2500 and includes everything offered to our students EXCEPT; Airfare, Airport Transfers and Trip Insurance.  There will be an extra optional charge for Grandstand tickets – TBD.


Additional information:


  •   The only two options for non-performers are the “Full” or “Land” programs.  There is NO option to join in adhoc on tours. 

  •   We will not know which hotel we are staying in until at least June, 2020.

  •   A special Grandstand seating area will be reserved for all “Full” and “Land” program participants.  Each participant will be able to purchase seating in this area at a “deeply discounted price”.  This is optional.  More information will be forthcoming.

  •   Non-performers may opt for a single room for an additional $600 fee.  Otherwise, two adults will be assigned to a room.

  •   Chaperone slots are currently full but we are creating a waiting list.


Please feel free to reach out to Franci Gargaro at or 706-833-6085 if you have any additional questions.  A London Commitment Letter for non-performers will be sent in a separate email.



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