(Instrumental Ensemble 1, 2, 3 Honors, 4 Honors) 

Required for all percussionists in the band program. Emphasis is placed on the development of rudimentary skills for battery and/or concert percussion performance. Students must participate in marching and a concert band after school.


The Marjory Stoneman Douglas Winter Percussion is a competitive marching group, which rehearses from December- March and

performs in a series of competitions beginning in February. It is an indoor, high energy, performance based, musical activity. While similar to marching band, the biggest difference is in winter percussion the percussionists are the focal point. Also, instead of performing outside on a football field, winter percussion groups perform on a giant tarp inside on a basketball gym floor or arena. The group is a percussion only marching unit, with a blend of theatrical elements. The indoor group auditions students for battery percussion (snares, tenors and basses) and front ensemble instrumentation (mallet, timpani and auxiliary percussion) as well as visual performers (guard and dancers who tell the story through choreography). The group is also looking for a musician to play drumset and a pianist. While it’s preferred that students have experience, auditions are open to all MSD students. It’s a great opportunity to gain the skills needed for the following marching band season as well. Current wind musicians are encouraged to audition too. It’s a way for them to explore new instruments and gain performance opportunities during the second semester. We gladly welcome 8th graders from our two feeder middle schools to audition as well.

This year we are anticipating have a group of 41 students competing in the Scholastic Marching A class. We will be taking 2 overnight

trips. One is scheduled in Orlando and our state competition is in Daytona.


An interest meeting will be held on Tuesday October 22nd at 6:30.


Auditions will take place December 3rd and 5th. Times will be posted

on the website soon.  If you like to perform, love music, and having fun please come and

check us out! If you have any questions please contact Ben Seidner.

He is the lead instructor and also an MSD