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Evan Hoyer

Visual Instuctor

Evan Huyer has been a visual clinician for 5 years. His performance career began at Stoneman Douglas HS in 2013. Throughout the 4 years of his high school marching band experience he attended the FSU Concert and Jazz Summer Music Camps. During his sophomore year of high school he joined Stryke Wynds for their inaugural 2014/15 indoor winds season and performed with them every year until 2020.

His teaching career started in 2018 and has taught multiple programs during the marching band season including, Stoneman Douglas (2018-2022), Cooper City (2019-2021), Coral Glades (2019), and Cypress Bay (2022). As well as teaching during the marching band season Evan has recently starting teaching indoor programs during the spring. Legacy Production Company (2021) and Stoneman Winds (2021)

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