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Matthew Moll

Visual Instructor

Matthew is a visual and music clinician from Coral Springs, FL. He began his marching career with Coral Glades high school when he was 14. By the time he graduated in 2018, his passion for the marching arts had blossomed, and would continue to grow.

In 2019, he chose to pursue endeavors with independent organizations, starting with Stryke Percussion 2. He continued his independent career and returned to brass playing with Stryke Wynds (2020, 2022) and the Crossmen Drum and Bugle Corps (2021) where he would age out.

Matthew began his teaching career in 2018 with his alma mater as a visual clinician and in 2019, Coral Glades experienced its return to state finals for the first time in 7 years. Since then, Matthew continued to work with Coral Glades high school, and has worked with Hialeah Gardens high school and Sebastian River high school. Matthew joined the staff at the eagle regiment in 2021 where he is now a visual and brass clinician. He also worked with Stoneman winds during their inaugural season in 2022.

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