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mailing address:

4613 N. University Drive

Suite #366

Coral Springs, Fl 33067

The mission of the Marching Eagle Parent Association (MEPA) shall be to maintain an Association to support, both physically and financially, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Band Organization in achieving its highest potential.

The role of a parent/booster organization is to “boost” the band program in a positive manner. The purpose of MEPA is to advance the best interests of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School band program by providing support, as requested by the Band Director. All parents or guardians of students enrolled in the band program are members of MEPA. Maintaining a thriving band program requires support and funding beyond that provided by the school system. MEPA, a non-profit corporation, was formed to provide the financial, logistical, communications, and promotional support for the Stoneman Douglas Band Director and the MSD Band Program. Specific objectives include:

  • Provision of funds for the purchase/repair of instruments/equipment, supplies, music and enrichments not provided for in the school budget, as requested by the Band Director

  • Purchase and maintenance of uniforms

  • Organization and implementation of fundraising activities

  • Furnishing chaperones/volunteers for band events

  • Encouragement and opportunities for parent involvement

  • Promote the knowledge, performance, and appreciation of quality music, and to encourage educational trips, as sanctioned by the school

  • Support and advocate for all elements of the band program at STONEMAN DOUGLAS HIGH SCHOOL.

The majority of the responsibility for meeting the financial needs of our band program rest on the shoulders of the band members and band boosters. Fundraising opportunities are provided to raise the money needed to meet the annual budget for the program. Each band member is expected to do his/her “fair share” of the fundraising. In lieu of, or in addition to, fundraising participation, TAX DEDUCTIBLE donations are always welcome.

The Fair Share helps cover the band’s planned operating expenses for the entire year. Budgeted items include camps, staff, clinicians, instruments, music, repairs, MPA/Competition entry fees, uniform purchases, cleaning and repairs, auxiliary equipment, marching equipment, transportation, student awards, etc. The student’s Fair Share requirement will cover all regular expenses.

No one will be denied participation in the marching band because of financial hardship as long as steps are being taken to fulfill the obligations. Each parent is asked to give at least 24 hours of service each semester; most give much more.

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