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The below form is required for any student to rent
Sabres from MEPA.

Student info:
Select Curret Grade

Sabre Info

  1. To be personally responsible for the safekeeping of this equipment and to return it immediately to the school upon the request of the director or the principal.

  2. To maintain the equipment in good condition at all times and keep the equipment be adequately cared for.

  3. To pay the current replacement value in the event of loss or total damage.
    NOTE: The cost of a lost sabre is approximately $225.00 plus shipping and handling.

  4. To have the equipment assessed at the end of the contract period and pay a fair assessment for all damage in excess of normal wear and tear.

  5. To allow no unauthorized person to spin, handle, or use this equipment without specific permission of the director. Each student shall be afforded equal home practice time and shall assume equal responsibility for the care of the equipment. This will also be taken into consideration for any repair assessment.

  6. To encourage my child to use the equipment to the best of his/her ability for practice including regular attendance at all organization rehearsals and performances, regular home practice and additional instruction when possible.

  7. Student must mail all broken equipment to repair place designated by director.
    NOTE: Student must pay shipping and handling, repair will be covered by MEPA

  8. We acknowledge that the receipt of the above equipment and agree to the following:

* use finger to sign
* use finger to sign
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