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The WEEKLY Blast (12.6.20)

6 December 2020

Eagle Regiment Family,

Hope you had a great weekend!

Cheesecake and Poinsettia Pickup!

Tuesday, December 8


What a unique and fantastic fundraising holiday season we have had. We thank all of our Eagle Regiment families for your participation in the sales! Our program will greatly benefit from your efforts!

It is now time for our distribution of items! We must ensure we keep the process as safe and orderly as possible. To accomplish that, we ask the below of you.

Pickups will occur as follows:

Enter the student lot from Holmberg Rd and line up around the building in your vehicle. Please be patient as we have over 70 families pickup up orders!

Please ensure your name is written largely on a sheet of paper on the passenger side dashboard of the vehicle.

A MEPA volunteer will notate your name and pull your order.

The order will be reviewed with you and you will sign off on items received.

If you purchased poinsettias as well, follow the sign for poinsettia pickup in the lot. The same process will be followed for poinsettia pickup.

If you did not purchase poinsettias, please exit the lot following the signs.

A few things to note:

You will not exit your vehicle. Please remain inside. Your orders will be loaded into the backseat or trunk depending on your preference.

Your signature confirms full receipt of your orders.

We do not have ability to store any items for you! If you cannot pick up, please arrange for someone else to pick up for you. The cheesecake items need to be kept frozen and we do not have a freezer to store in.

Any questions:

Cheesecake: Lauren Susman 954-682-5505

Poinsettias: Charlene Brighton



Monday, 12/7/20, Silver Day

Tuesday, 12/8/20, Burgundy Day

4:00 PM - 6:30 PM, Cheesecake and Poinsettia Pickup!

Wednesday, 12/9/20, Silver Day (No After School Practice)

Thursday, 12/10/20, Burgundy Day

Friday, 12/11/20, Silver Day




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