November 14, 2019

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On behalf of the STONEMAN DOUGLAS COLOR GUARD STAFF we would like to welcome the new members of the 2020 WORLD GUARD! The staff believes in each of these students skills, talents and passion to become the next edition of the STONEMAN DOUGLAS WORLD GUARD!

Attached to this post is a FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM CAST BANNER. Each of you and your families should showcase it on their social media platforms. It creates great love and excitement for the organization to celebrate your achievement as we are about to kick off the winter season!

Please watch this website for the first WINTER GUARD PARENT MEETING date and time to be announced for next week. At that meeting we will be discussing important information for the season as well as distributing participation paperwork. Details will be posted soon at

Once again a huge CONGRATULATIONS to the new members of the 2020 STONEMAN DOUGLAS WORLD GUARD!

Asha Kaitlyn Olivia Lauren Alysa Lia Marla Camila Jessica Haleigh Janelle Emily Nicole Emma Alanys Chrissy Sophia Madison Hayli Gianna Sophia Natanya Angela Delaney Isabel Jaedyn

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