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September 9, 2019

Eagle Regiment Family,

Here's a quick snapshot of what's happened the past week:

-Mr. R uploaded the Trombones and Percussion Feature, as well as the Closer parts this past Thursday and students have begun memorization of parts.

-Battery Closer parts were uploaded yesterday. Front Ensemble parts are coming out this week!

-Our Dynamic Dads cleaned out the Trucks and continued prop work this past weekend. Thank you!!

-All Bands, Concert, Symphonic, Wind Symphony, Jazz Band 2, and Jazz Band 1 are preparing Repertoire for the Fall Concert, Wed., 16 OCT 2019.


-Tuxedo/Dress Fittings will be this Thursday, 12 SEP 2019, during school. A handout went out last Friday and it was also posted on the Band App. (A 50% DEPOSIT WILL BE DUE THIS THURSDAY)

-All Wind Players will need their Flip Folders and Music Lyres in school with them Thursday morning. We will rehearse with them in class and utilize them for the Game Thursday night.


-Students should have Concert Instruments and Music in class for this Tuesday, 10 SEP 2019.

-Students should have and Marching Music/Instruments as well as Flip Folders and Music Lyres in school with them this Thursday, 12 SEP 2019.

-The London New Years Day Parade Press Conference will be Monday, 16 SEP 2019, at 9:00 AM, in the Auditorium Eagle Regiment Students will be in their "Class B Plus Uniform" and will perform.

Here is the week ahead:

Tuesday - Eagle Regiment Rehearsal

(3:15 PM – 6:30 PM)

Thursday - Tux/Dress Fittings during school

- Stands Music Rehearsal during School (Flips, Lyre, Music)


1:30 PM - Outdoor Marching Rehearsal

4:00 PM - Indoor Stands Music Rehearsal

5:15 PM - Dinner in Cafeteria

5:45 PM - Change into "Class B Uniform"

6:15 PM - Inspection

6:30 PM - March to Stadium

7:00 PM - Game

10:00 PM - (approx) Dismissal

Saturday - Camp Day

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Bring your Own Lunch/Snacks)

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Game!


Stephen K. Rivero

Director of Bands

Stoneman Douglas High School



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