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FMBC State Championship Trip Info

Updated: Nov 7, 2019




Daytona, Florida

November 22 – 24, 2019

Dear Eagle Regiment Members and Parents,

The Stoneman Douglas High School Eagle Regiment will be representing our School, Community, and the State of Florida. Everything we do will reflect the quality of those people and places we represent.

This will be a great experience as well as an enjoyable time for our Eagle Regiment Family. We have done our best to organize this trip for you and trust that you will do your part in making it a positive experience for all of us.

The purpose of this booklet is to provide information and outline policies to make our trip safe and enjoyable. We encourage everyone to go to the BAND app and print the Trip Booklet and utilize it throughout the trip. Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation in abiding by the policies outlined herein and by the School Board of Broward County.

We are extremely proud of all of you and congratulate you on a very successful marching season!


Stephen K. Rivero Robert A. Rivero

Director of Bands Associate Director of Bands



Bring ONLY ONE small piece of luggage and/or your Eagle Regiment duffle bag. Bags are to be tagged properly. Keep in mind that there will be times on the trip when you will have to carry ALL of your bags, including instrument. All bags are subject to be opened and inspected.


Friday (Bus Travel/ Lunch/Rehearsal @ TBD HS)

___ Eagle Regiment Car Wash Shirt

___ Black rehearsal shorts

___ Sneakers (no flip-flops/sandals/slippers)

Saturday (Performance Day – Eagle Regiment Uniform)

ü NO Earrings, Jewelry or Nail Polish

ü Long hair must be in a bun

___ Winter’s End Show Shirt

___ Solid Black Compression/Bike Shorts to wear under the bibbers

___ Solid Black TALL Socks

___ Velocity Marching Shoes (polished!)

___ CLEAN Black Gloves

___ Eagle Regiment Baseball Cap

___ Eagle Regiment Duffle Bag to carry above items

___ Instrument/Equipment (mouthpieces, reeds, drum sticks, mallets, etc.)

Guard: Show Costume, Show Shoes & accessories should be packed in guard bag for inspection. A garment bag may be used...chaperones can place under the bus.

Sunday (Return Trip Back To MSD)

___ Eagle Regiment Maroon Spirit T-Shirt

___ Jeans or nice shorts (Boys: Khaki Cargo Shorts; Girls: Black/Jean Shorts)

NOTE: No shortie shorts, athletic shorts, or cut-offs

___ Sneakers (no flip-flops/sandals/slippers)


___ Sleep attire for 2 nights ___ Toothbrush & Toothpaste

___ Underwear ___ Medicine(s) for medical staff

___ Deodorant ___ Money for 3 lunches & 3 dinners

___ Water Cooler for rehearsal (keep money with you, not under bus)

BCPS Code of Student Conduct Dress Code Policy - excerpt

(Consequences for violating the dress code are found in the BCPS Discipline Matrix)

Section III.5 - Garments including, but not limited to, pajamas, boxer shorts, bloomers, and bustiers, which were traditionally designed as undergarments, sleepwear, or beachwear, may not be worn as outer garments. Other clothing not allowed are: leggings, tights, bodysuits, or hosiery, including those with lace trim, and bicycle racing attire unless they are worn underneath dresses, skirts, or shorts of appropriate length.



5:45 AM Arrive at MSD

¨ Same procedures as BOA.

Drop Luggage off in Auditorium, retrieve Uniform/Shako, then Report to the Band Room

6:00 AM ACCOUNTABILITY in the Band Room in Rehearsal Attire (Car Wash Shirt). Once accountability is concluded, we will load buses.

7:00 AM Depart for Rehearsal Site in Windermere, Florida

Deputy Scott Pine Community State Park

6865 Ficquette Rd., Windermere, FL 34786

8:45 AM Rest Stop at Ft. Drum Service Plaza on North Bound FL Turnpike

10:30 AM Arrive at Deputy Scott Pine Community State Park.

11:00 AM Lunch

11:30 - 3:00 PM ER Rehearsal

3:30 PM Depart for Hotel in Daytona Beach, Florida

Hyatt Place Daytona Beach – Oceanfront

3161 S. Atlantic Ave, Daytona, FL 32118

(386) 944-2010

5:00 PM Arrive at Hotel. Students & chaperones will wait on the bus for instructions. When directed, Room Captains will exit the bus first, retrieve luggage and proceed to the lobby to get room keys. The Room Captain will then gather his/her roommates and proceed QUIETLY to the room.

6:00 PM Depart for Dave and Buster’s

1507 Cornerstone Blvd.

Daytona Beach, Florida 32114

6:25 PM – 8:30 PM Dinner and R/R at Dave and Buster’s

9:00 PM Arrive back at Hotel with (9:30 PM CURFEW!)

10:00 PM Lights out (remember, State Championships tomorrow morning!)


8:00 AM Wake up

8:30 - 9:30 AM Breakfast (provided by hotel) - Report in Under-Uniform: (Winter’s End Shirt, Black Shorts, Bibbers, Black Socks, Dinkles)

10:20 AM Load buses.

10:30 AM Depart for Oviedo HS, 601 King St., Oviedo, FL 32765

11:30 AM Arrive at Oviedo High School. Use restroom, as needed. Once back on bus, fold coat and put in shako with gauntlets, then carry shako to get instruments out. Line up for visual warm-up.

File to Visual Warm-up.


12:12 PM OFFICIAL WARM UP (Warm-up Area B)



1:23 PM Return instruments/equipment to truck.


3:30 PM Depart for Ocean Walk Shoppes

4:30 PM Dinner at Ocean Walk Shoppes (approx. stop time: 90 min.)

250 N. Atlantic Ave

Daytona Beach, FL 32112

6:00 PM Depart for Daytona Stadium

3917 LPGA Blvd., Daytona Beach, FL 32124

6:30 PM Arrive at Daytona Stadium

4:00 PM Class 3A Finals Competition begins

5:24 PM Class 2A Finals Competition begins

6:34 PM Class 1A Finals Competition begins


8:12 PM Class 4A Finals Competition begins

9:22 PM Class 5A Finals Competition begins


12:15 AM Load buses and depart for hotel.

1:15 AM Arrive at hotel.

1:30 AM Room curfew and lights out


7:30 AM Wake up

7:45 - 8:30 AM Breakfast provided by hotel - Report in Travel Attire: (ER Maroon Spirit T-Shirt, Jeans or Nice Shorts, Sneakers)

8:30 - 8:50 AM Return to room to finish packing. FINAL ROOM CHECK by room Chaperone, then go to lobby for loading. Room Captains return keys to room Chaperone.

9:00 AM Load Buses.

9:30 AM Depart for Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

11:00 AM Arrive at I-95 SB St. Lucie County Rest Area (mile marker 133)

1:30 PM Arrive at MSD. Unload ALL of your belongings, including trash...thank your bus driver as you get off of the bus. Unload truck and put away equipment/instruments.

2:30PM Group dismissal from the BAND ROOM

(Students may not leave prior to the group dismissal.)



1. BE AT THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME! Know your schedule. Always be punctual. If the itinerary states to board the bus at 7 AM, you should be outside at 6:45. Do not wait to leave your room at 7:00. Work out a shower/bathroom schedule with your roommates to avoid being late in the mornings. Your chaperone will go over the next day’s schedule with you each evening at room check time.

2. Nutrition is important for peak performance. Sweets and large amounts of caffeine should not be consumed the night before the performance. Eat a good breakfast. You need energy to get started for the day.

3. Be very courteous at all times. You are a class act, so be sure that your behavior reflects this at all times. Be sure to thank chaperones, drivers, waiters, hotel personnel, and the FMBC staff. Good manners are contagious.

4. Dress appropriately. Appearance must be neat at all times when in uniform or while under observation as representatives of the band program and school.

5. Do not leave the hotel or any place we visit without Director’s permission.

6. Never go anywhere alone! Never leave the hotel or any place we visit without a group of three or more and a chaperone. This is for your safety!

7. NO P.D.A. – Public Display of Affection. To do so would demonstrate a lack of respect and understanding that you are on a school-sanctioned activity.

8. Proper language is to be used AT ALL TIMES.

9. NO music should be played on buses without headphones. Be considerate of others who are trying to sleep.

10. Do not run from the bus to sights or any other place during the trip. Remember that you are young adults, not children.

11. Courtesy must be maintained while in restaurants. Speak quietly and clean up your area when finished. Eat properly and regularly to be at your best for yourself and others.

12. The use or possession of any alcoholic beverage, tobacco, or drugs which could modify behavior is absolutely forbidden at all times. Violation will result in dismissal. The presence of such substance will incriminate all in the room.

Please inform the Head Chaperone of any medical issues. All prescription medications must be in the original container with the dosage specified on the front.

Inhalers should be given to the Head Chaperone during performance times to ensure that they are readily available if needed.


1. Be considerate at all times, especially in the hotel. Other people are staying there also. Be particularly careful about loud noises in the mornings and evenings. Instruments are NOT to be played in your rooms.

¨ Please close doors quietly. Door slamming causes disturbances to others.

¨ Be reasonably quiet in your rooms. Don’t speak loudly! TV volume should be kept to a level not heard in the hallway or adjoining rooms.

¨ WALK in hallways. Running creates noise and causes accidents. Never run!

2. BOYS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN GIRLS’ ROOMS AND GIRLS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN BOYS’ ROOMS, even if a chaperone is present. Avoid the appearance of any wrongdoing in this area by staying completely out of the vicinity of rooms of the opposite sex. This also applies to rooms of other bands and young people. This is an FHSAA policy. Parents, siblings and alumni are also not allowed in student rooms.

3. Do not block hallways, entrances, or open areas by sitting on the floor.

4. Elevators in large hotels during large volume times are in great demand. DO NOT make frivolous trips on elevators. You might consider using the stairs.

5. Be sure to be in your room at or before the designated curfew time. After room check, you may NOT leave your room for ANY reason until wake-up time the next morning. This means that you may NOT get a coke, borrow something from next door, go make a phone call, or ANY other excuse!


6. Outside phone calls are not allowed from the rooms. Do not take your phone off the hook...your chaperone may need to reach you.

7. Ordering room service or any other outside service is prohibited. Parents may not purchase food for their child’s room.

8. Be very careful with hotel property, especially in your rooms. If anything is damaged or missing, you will be charged and incur a penalty upon our return to school. Chaperones will check each room.

9. Keep your belongings together in your room. Check-out will be much easier. Students are required to place all towels in the bathtub, garbage in garbage cans (you will be given an extra garbage bag by your chaperone if needed) and linens on the bed prior to room check. IT IS NOT THE CHAPERONE’S RESPONSIBILITY TO PICK UP YOUR ROOM.

SCHOOL BOARD RULES ARE IN EFFECT FOR THE DURATION OF ANY TRIP. (All rules apply just as if you were on the school campus.)

While on a trip, we are constantly in public view and your conduct must reflect the highest standards. EVERYTHING you do is a direct reflection on the Program. In this setting, you’re not acting as an individual, but as a representative of the MSD Eagle Regiment.

Infractions of conduct mentioned above are grounds for severe disciplinary action including suspension or dismissal from Stoneman Douglas High School and/or the Program.


Our chaperones are truly appreciated for their generous donation of time and energy to make this trip not only possible, but safe and enjoyable. Do not hesitate to take responsibility for heading off any problems you may see arising with any of our students. Also, do not hesitate to compliment all of the outstanding behavior we expect to see on this trip.

1. Please keep the trip booklet with you at all times. Keeping us on track will be one of your most important functions.

2. Arrive early on Friday morning to assist with loading.

3. For safety/emergency reasons, there will be no room or bus changes. The hotel room lists must be accurate and we cannot be altering bus lists. Please help anyone wanting a change to understand that this is not possible.

4. Check each room upon entering and inspect for damage to the room before students enter.

5. Be familiar with each of your student’s special needs, medications, allergies, etc.

6. Help your group plan carefully to avoid being late to the next event.

7. Help keep noise level down in hallways, rooms, restaurants, etc. Don’t hesitate to speak to ANY student, if necessary, not just those in your group. Remind students to keep TV volume at a reasonable level in rooms.

8. Remind students NOT to leave the hotel unchaperoned for any reason. For safety, they should go in a group of three or more anywhere they go, including public restrooms, elevators, for snacks, etc.

9. Be aware of our dress code and don’t hesitate to send ANY student back to his/her room to change if dressed inappropriately.

10. P.D.A. (Public Displays of Affection) and the use of foul language are prohibited. Please speak to ANY students you observe violating these rules.

11. Meet briefly each evening just before curfew time (location TBA) to go over any schedule changes, etc. Following the meeting, do your evening room check making certain that all students are present, the room is reasonably neat, etc.

PLEASE use this time to review the next day’s schedule so all are dressed appropriately and at breakfast on time.

REMIND students to deadbolt their doors and that NO ONE is allowed to leave their room after curfew. The halls will be monitored.

BE SURE that your group knows your room number in the event of an emergency and that it is OK to call, if necessary.

12. At check-out time Sunday morning, meet your students IN THEIR ROOM for a final room check. Make sure nothing is damaged or missing and that nothing is left behind. The room captain should be helpful in making these checks. Only after everything is in order should the group be allowed to leave the room for loading.

Broward County School Board rules and regulations are in effect with regard to use or possession of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and/or non-prescribed drugs or substances. Report IMMEDIATELY any problem in this area to the Head Chaperone or Mr. Rivero.

One of your best tools will be your positive attitude, especially when everyone is tired. Don’t put up with griping or complaining. Being proactive instead of reactive will help keep things on track and make for a safe and enjoyable trip!


At the hotel, doors are to remain deadbolted until a chaperone knocks on the door and identifies themselves at wake-up time. For safety reasons, NO ONE is allowed to leave their room after curfew. The halls will be monitored by law enforcement officials. Know your chaperone’s Room and Cell Phone number in the event of an emergency - it is OK to call, if necessary.




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