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The District has mandated that all winter activities are to be on hold till December 14th. Exams begin December 15th - 18th with the Holiday Break following, therefore in the interest of safety we have decided that all Eagle Regiment Winter Programs (Winter Guard, Winter Percussion & Indoor Winds) will begin after the New Year. This will allow students to focus on exams the week of the 14th and begin their Holiday Break.

We will try to release January start dates prior to the Holiday Break so students and staff can plan accordingly. It is our intention that we will start full speed ahead in the New Year as long as safety conditions can be met and we have District approval.

Although this start date is later than usual, the delayed start of the season will allow us the same amount of prep time to prepare students and create a quality product. Please know we are working hard to give our students the best and safest possible experience. As always we will continue to update you as more information becomes available.

Thank you for your continued trust and understanding.

Eagle Regiment Directors



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