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Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Weekly Reminders 12.17.19

Winter Guard Season week 3

Below are the WINTER GUARD WEEKLY REMINDERS for students, parents and staff will need for this last week and the holiday break. Be sure to check the all new STONEMAN DOUGLAS BAND AND COLOR GUARD website daily for updates!


ALWAYS refer to the calendar located on the website for the most accurate information as things can change. Below is the schedule as of the release of this post.


-UNIFORMS. We will be placing the orders for uniforms this week. In order for a costume to be ordered for you child all forms must be turned in and PAYMENTS SHOULD BE CURRENT. Parents will be at rehearsal today to measure students STARTING TODAY. If for some reason your child does not get measured please contact Mimi Advani at to arrange to have measurements taken BEFORE THURSDAY. The order will be submitted that day and we can not add additional costumes after the order is placed. For payment questions contact the EAGLE REGIMENT TREASURER, Kathy Sandidge at

-WARM UPS. Any new warm up ordered will have the new STONEMAN DOUGLAS COLOR GUARD LOGO on them. The order form is being updated and posted later today for those who need to order them.

-The ORDER FORMS for students who need to order ADDITIONAL ITEMS not included in the fairshare is located in the MEMBERS ONLY SECTION under WG FORMS 2020. For questions regarding these items please contact our Parent Color Guard Coordinator, Erin August at . ACCESS MEMBERS ONLY SECTION

-A GUARD MEMBERS are REMINDED to return all equipment at every rehearsal. EQUIPMENT SIGN OUT FORMS will be available this week from Carlos.

-LAST CALL FOR A GUARD MEMBERS. We will be finalizing the A Guard this week. After Thursdays rehearsal we can not accept any new members so if you know of someone who is considering participating have them contact Carlos at CARLOS@EAGLEREGIMENT.COM.

-RIFLES ARE IN. If anyone wants to purchase a new rifle they can do so in the band store.

-HOLIDAY BREAK WORLD GUARD CAMP will be JANUARY 3rd, 4th & 5th will be at Stoneman Douglas as scheduled. This camp is where a majority of the show will be learned so it is extremely important that all students are in attendance as this has been on the calendar since last June. World Guard members should BRING HOME their equipment THURSDAY NIGHT after rehearsal. Mr. Broadbent will provide more info during the break.

LUNCHES. Please remember students are not permitted to leave rehearsals on breaks to get lunch. Lunch should be brought with them in the morning or delivered at lunch time. Mr. Broadbent will always list the lunches and breaks on the webpage prior to extended rehearsals.

-All students and parents should be on the World & A Guard BAND APP PAGES for daily reminders and updates. If you are having trouble finding the page please contact one of the Captains.

-ATTENDANCE. All students are reminded that attendance at all REHEARSALS is MANDATORY and absences must be communicated according to the policy outlined in the member syllabus to Mr. Broadbent. To review this policy, please go to the members only section. Last minute notifications on absences will not be permitted.

Have a great holiday Break everyone! Enjoy the time with your family and loved ones! See you all in 2020!

Mr Broadbent

Be sure to check the Stoneman Douglas Band & Color Guard Website daily for updates!



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